The Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you to D Talks Anime for nominating me – they write in-depth, plot-inclusive reviews and analysis about different shows and so if you’re looking for a more comprehensive opinion, check them out.


Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.
List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

I’ve waffled for a while on what I think the purpose of these awards posts should be and whether they were worth doing. Personally, I feel the best way to recognize someone and show that you appreciate their work is to leave a comment and have discussions with them over what they’ve written. That being said, I liked the design of this award in that the awardee makes their own questions and D wrote some I think would be interesting to answer. It’s a chance to share something about myself and lightly acknowledge a few other people, so here goes.

D Asked: 

1. Your opinion on the manga vs anime discussion?

I think they are distinctly different mediums of expression and both have several areas where they might surpass the other. I prefer anime over manga typically because I think there are more artistic variables present in an animated feature. To an insignificant degree I believe that the best possible anime will outshine the best possible manga. Visual storytelling exists in both however without music, voice acting, and in-motion cinematography, I can’t help but feel that manga can’t compare. With that said, they are both amazing and this is just what I believe.

2. What’s the worst injury you’ve had?

I think I lost a toenail in a revolving door on vacation once. That’s probably about it – I’m quite injury free.

3. Your favorite band/singer?

I don’t have a favorite band though I do have favorite songs. This is probably the inverse of most people and so if I had to pick I’d say currently either Olivver the Kid or Uppermost.

4. Least favorite genre (anime/tv series/books/anything)?

Probably romance. I don’t think the genre is intrinsically bad or anything, it’s just the one I see mishandled and tarnished the most.

5. A fictional character you wouldn’t mind marrying (or living with platonically if marriage and all that stuff ain’t your thing)?

I’ve never been able to come up with an adequate answer to this question and one day I promise I’ll have a concrete opinion. I have to imagine practically anybody voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki – e.g. Kanbaru Suruga, Celty Sturluson, etc.

6. A  story/song that always makes you cry?

Boring answer – there isn’t one. I’m pretty stone-faced when it comes to these things though my emotions show through pretty frequently when I’m watching and there are a decent number of shows that have brought me to tears. It’s all conditional and in the moment though. The end of Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant arc probably hit me the hardest.

7. Favorite YouTube channel?

I’m not much into YouTube but I am utterly fascinated and enthralled by Kristian Williams’ topics and manner of exploration on KaptainKristian.

8. What’s your opinion on puns?

Generally low-hanging comedic fruit that can at times be just the right joke for the moment and become genuinely hilarious.

9. The last complete anime you watched/manga you read?

My most recent show at the time of this review was Princess Tutu. I haven’t read any manga all the way through recently – Berserk is ongoing.

10. What’s your dream job?

I don’t have one, hence my crippling existential anxiety. If I could wave a wand – perhaps a TV writer or Author.

11. The anime character you hate most?

Surprisingly I have never asked myself this question and so I don’t have a top 10 most hated characters list I can pull from. For the time being, I’d have to say Kurou from Kurozuka. I don’t think anything about him or the show he was in made any sense. Though maybe the bigger offense is not being memorable at all.

My Questions: 

1. What is your favorite animated movie?

2. What do you think is a particular strength of your writing style or format?

3. Which anime features your favorite soundtrack?

4. What is your favorite video game and why?

5. Which anime series would you most like to give the ‘Brotherhood’ treatment to?

6. What’s a genre (TV/Movies/Books/Anime/etc) that surprised you with how much you enjoyed it?

7. What anime did you drop the fastest?

8. What is your favorite anime Ending sequence? (ED)

9. How many shows are you watching this Fall 2016 season and which is your favorite so far?

10. What show do you feel is in a dire need of a re-watch from you?

11. Who is your favorite director in anime? (Movie or show)

My Nominations: 

1. 100 Word Anime

2. Nichi Nichi-Chan

3. Criticism and Thoughts

4. In the Cubbyhole

5. The Otaku Judge

6. My thoughts on everything interesting

7. Little Anime Blog

8. Takuto’s Anime Cafe

9. RishRaff Anime Reviews

10. Mechanical Anime Reviews

11. KKSparrow

Thanks again for the nomination and questions and I hope mine are fun to think about. I’m game to talk about any of these questions or answers in the comments below. This post doesn’t have enough pictures so here’s a pouting Papika.

11 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. After reading your answers, I realize that I never actually thought about what my own answers to these would be. Huh. I’d flounder a lot, I think.

    Romance is a genre I’m not keen on either, which is strange because I actually like love stories. But as engaging as they can be when done right, they’re utterly infuriating when done wrong. It’s part of why I avoid harem shows as much as possible.

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  2. Does WordPress not notify you when your blog is linked? I thought it did. I guess it’s just posts from a certain blog. No wonder I didn’t notice this sooner.

    I appreciate the nomination and congratulate you on your own. While I don’t want my blog to be filled with award nominations every other day, I will answer the questions present within this comment, so here goes:

    1. Probably The Incredibles. It’s my favorite Pixar film and most other animated films are usually within the “okay” range in my mind. Can’t think of any that really blew me away.

    2. Uniformity. That and my zesty one-liners.

    3. I don’t watch anime for its soundtrack, nor have I ever taken the time to listen to a soundtrack of an anime after finishing it. So, I’ll default to an anime who has an opening theme I genuinely like: Gurren Lagann.

    4. About a year ago, I thought it was Paper Mario TTYD. However, playing through that again recently, I found it to be less than a marvelous experience. I can’t really answer the question, but I can think of a few that may be potential favorites: Custom Robo, Glover, Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, and Super Mario Sunshine.

    5. I’m not 100% of what this means, though I would assume it means re-adapting an anime to follow more closely to its original source. That being the case, I would probably say Aku no Hana. It’s not too much different, but I would have appreciated if the anime didn’t prolong everything to fit, like, five chapters into a one-cour series.

    6. Maybe tragedy, even though I don’t have much experience with it.

    7. This one made me think back to some dark times. I believe the fastest I ever dropped an anime was with Xxxholic, which I dropped in under a minute upon seeing the proportions of the main character. That scarred me.

    8. Toradora!’s “Vanilla Salt.” Again, not a huge anime soundtrack kind of guy.

    9. I began with Fune wo Amu, ClassicaLoid, and Shuumatsu no Izetta. I dropped the latter two, and am planning to pick up Yuri! on Ice and Flip Flappers. So… Fune wo Amu.

    10. Angel Beats!. I find myself loathing the show despite giving it a 7 with my first viewing. Need to correct that sooner of later.

    11. Imaishi. Just because it’s Imaishi and I don’t follow anime directors religiously (or at all). I really only know Imaishi and Ikuhara by name.

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    • Yeah, I didn’t know about whether the blog links would pingback but apparently not. Great answers. I got a good chuckle out of the Xxxholic mention – I’ve heard great things about the show but similarly I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of their proportions. I’ve never really enjoyed any of Clamp’s designs. Imaishi is just great. Have fun with Flip Flapperssss.

      Liked by 1 person

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