Anime recommendations and wanting to spread the word about your favorite shows are time-honored elements of being an anime fan. The purpose of an anime recommendation list should be to help prospective viewers or those less familiar with the medium find shows that appeal to them. Most people tend to gravitate towards certain genres of media and so I’ve divided my recommendations into different sections that I feel best represent the shows they include. This recommendation project is a living-list which I will add to after finishing a worthy show and at the end of each new season.


I’ve provided information on each show listed and given it a varying score from: “Tentative” to “Strong” to “Must-Watch” that reflect the degree to which I recommend them. Tentative meaning they are often problematic shows that some people will find enjoyable, Strong meaning that most people will enjoy the show, and Must-Watch typically indicating that the show is one of the best in its genre as well as one of the best anime period.

Personal Recommendations:

The trouble with recommending anime is that each show appeals to each viewer on such a a case-by-case basis and so perhaps rather than calling these lists ‘Recommendations’ they could be thought of as ‘Shows that I think are worthwhile’. If you want a more case-by-case analysis of what shows you might like or a more comprehensive breakdown of the shows on my list then feel free to message me on here, MyAnimeList, or Twitter any time – I’d love to talk.