Hello, my name is Cauthan and this blog serves as an outlet for my thoughts and opinions about the visual media I encounter. This blog currently focuses on anime as it is the medium I most enjoy and it allows me to write very passionately about each show I watch.

I think a key thing to know in regards to understanding the purpose of this blog and what I write on it is what I think a review should do. Reviews have varying motivations and styles, from being brief and concise to being long-winded and analytical, sometimes discussing far more than solely the subject at hand.

I think a review should inform prospective viewers about what they can expect from whatever the review concerns – where something succeeds and where it fails and whether or not it is ultimately worth their time.

Though more comprehensive reviews detailing the plot of the show or subject as a whole offer more complete thoughts, it is for the reason above that I write my reviews spoiler-free. If the review has to spoil the content in order to convince the viewer of its intent then I feel it has already failed in preserving their potential experience. The manner in which I write my reviews is constantly evolving and I have to apologize for much of my earlier content.

With that said, I think there is a place for different kinds of content on this blog and I would love to branch out over time. Reviewing movies as well as live-action shows is certainly something I may dabble with in the future. I also want to find a place to discuss topics and shows in a more relaxed, casual manner as I once did in my currently retired ‘Episodic Thoughts’. The reason they are presently discontinued is because they began to feel too much like micro-reviews and less like casual, reactionary dialogues. I want to develop a place where I can share my thoughts and discuss with other people in a more laid-back manner while keeping the reviews hopefully both critical and helpful.

Please leave comments on the site or on MyAnimelist as I love talking to people about this passionate material. Here are some links where you can both contact me as well as enjoy my other content:



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