Cauthan Reviews: 2017 Update

With the new year comes a new site design! I just wanted to take a brief aside from all of the reviews and analyses to talk about the blog for a minute – why I’ve made the changes I have and what intentions I might have for the site in the near future.

New Design?!

Nobody panic! This is still the same old dingy blog that you might have occasionally found yourself visiting. All of the reviews are untouched and a handful of menus and layout elements have been cleaned up in order to increase clarity and accessibility. This is almost entirely a visual change for the blog and you should be able to navigate to all of those wonderful write-ups just the same as you’ve always done.

Why the change? I’ve had the original theme and layout for the site since its original creation some years ago and I saw the coming of 2017 as a chance to mix  it up and improve things I found lacking. The main things I wanted to improve upon were:

  • Brighter Atmosphere: We’ve gone from blacks and grays to whites and blues! I wanted to give the blog a more cheery mood despite perhaps how wonderfully the original gloomy aesthetic may have supported my bleak reviewing process. I won’t be rating things any higher than usual, but at least you can read my critiques in a more visually positive space. If only to get your hopes up.
  • Increased Readability: The old white on black text I thought could wear on the eyes after reading for too long. Hopefully the new design is easier to read and I may continue to toy with this in the future. I’d love feedback on this if you have any.
  • Cleaner Layout: I cleaned up a few menus and will probably continue to add a bit of polish to some pages over time. I wanted to add images to the review index however it turns out there are so many of them at this point that it would take nearly forever to find and scroll to anything unless you’re using the search function. I don’t have too much control in this regard and so it will remain an inelegant list of alphabetized text until I can find a better option.

Upcoming Plans

Despite the significant visual change to the site, my content should remain relatively the same. There are a few changes and upcoming ambitions I can speak to however.

  • The Winter Season: At this time I have yet to publish anything relating to the current season save for my initial thoughts summarizing each of the interesting shows. This won’t remain the case for much longer as I’ve got some initial impressions to share having now seen everything I’m going to see. The impressions should cover the first two weeks of the season after which I will very likely convert to a weekly reflection on several of the shows I am watching. The reason for this is because the Winter season is predominantly sequels and doesn’t have all that many noteworthy anime. I’m constantly toying with different ways to provide a commentary on airing shows and this will just be another stab at that. So no Episodic Thoughts planned currently however I do hope to get a weekly, comprehensive rundown going.
  • Analyses and Opinion Pieces: With the Winter season being what it is, there will probably be an increase in these kinds of posts. The reviews of airing and non-airing shows will continue to trickle in however I’ve been wanting to write more analytical breakdowns and the like for a while and many of the posts that I’ve been planning fall into this vein.
  • Recommendations: Remember my huge recommendation project that you can still find as a resource in the drop-down menu above? Hopefully you do because it was a ton of work! As I mentioned at the time, my intent for the recommendations tab is for it to be a valuable resource for people and a living document that I could add to over time. I’ve neglected to add things for a little while now but there are a myriad of shows from recent seasons that would make fantastic additions to those lists. I’m excited to add them relatively soon and I’ll let everyone know when I’ve made changes. Hopefully some people have found some interesting shows through my recommendations. One more thing I’ll add on the topic is that I have another LARGE category planned for the future which I’ve been working through for a long time now.
  • Character Analysis: A while back I wrote a character analysis of Guts from Berserk and while it’s kind of a niche topic, it’s by far one of my favorite posts I’ve written and likely the best received. So while this won’t likely concern too man people, I’ve been thinking about rereading the manga recently and will be looking to write a few similar posts along the way. Additionally, the whole idea of character analysis is a topic and format I might bring to other shows and characters in the future.
  • Reviews: When I first started out this blog, it served primarily as a place to jot down my thoughts on various shows for my own-sake however over the past 6-months or so, I started to make an effort to share these reviews with more people. So many of the reviews I’ve written have hardly seen the light of day and I recently had the thought to reformat them, polish them up, adjust some scores and release some of them for hopefully an interested audience this time around. This is the idea I’m most on the fence about and so I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll end up doing it however I’d love to hear what people think. As a side note, I’ve been considering dropping my current, categorized review format because it has felt constraining lately. Do you like the various Characters, Art, Story, etc categories or should I shift towards a more flexible style?


If you’ve read this far into this rambling update then congratulations, this section is about you. Coincidentally, this update coincides with my milestone of reaching 100 followers. So I wanted to take a minute to both celebrate with this new layout and give a very heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who stops by and reads my content. I put a lot of effort into most everything I write and so I’m very appreciative of everyone who takes the time to read and even share their own thoughts. Hopefully the new layout is a step forward and I’d love to hear any feedback you have about it. As always, thank you for reading.

21 thoughts on “Cauthan Reviews: 2017 Update

  1. New design doesn’t apply much to me. I use Dark Reader.

    I also find it funny how the end of the “Brighter Atmosphere” blip transitions into “Increased Readability.” Pretty sure that was unintentional, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

    I don’t really care about the structure of your reviews. To be honest, I think labeling the things you’ll talk about in each point is a space waster, as I normally do exactly that WITHOUT the labels. I think they’re better suited if you’re going to score the series based on those categories individually and add ’em up for a final score.

    And as always, thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHA, WHAT. My sentence got deleted. That’s not even a typo this time – this is sabotage! Thanks for catching it.

      I think you make a good point about the categories. I don’t really use an additive method or anything so there isn’t much point in them given that I’d be breaking up my review into those topics anyway. The original idea was to highlight certain aspects of a show that somebody could then jump right into (to see whether they might like the characters or story, etc). But I don’t think many people, if anybody, reads that way so it’s probably unnecessary clutter. Thanks a bunch for the insight.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on assembling quite a few followers! I like the new design more than the old one. Well, generally white text on black doesn’t sit well with me. So yeah, looking forward to your new posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on the followers. I was pretty fond of your old layout (black appeals to my black soul?) but I like this one as well. Looking forward to more of your content. As for the categorized reviews, either way sounds good to me.


  4. Congratulations on the followers Cauthan! It has been a blast to read your reviews, and i’m looking forward to seeing some character analysis from you. Character analysis can be some of the most compelling things to read particularly in how sometimes it can offer different views on characters sometimes overlooked or thought to be completely one way. There is a lot one could do with it and I agree they are a lot of fun. I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2017!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on reaching the 100 followers milestone!

    I think your current format for reviews is fine, but I also think that you should feel free to try out new things.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Winter 2017!


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