Episodic Thoughts: Flip Flappers – Episode 11 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Flip Flappers episode 11.

Between this episode and the last, we’ve really transitioned into the final act of the show. The pieces are falling together, a grand antagonist has appeared in the form of Mimi, and the world is under threat of being consumed by Pure Illusion. You know when Papika and Salt are at their lowest point and Yayaka has completed her character arc that we’re finally ready to turn things around. That isn’t to say that there still aren’t questions hanging in the air even now. Who is this third child? What happened after Papika followed Mimi into Pure Illusion? And how did Cocona come to live in the world we know?

As a whole, this episode was really entertaining, both because it further fleshed out the backstory we explored in the prior episode and because it featured a return to the strange and provocative elements that have made it so engaging thus far. I especially liked the visual design of Mimi’s ability. The sight of flowers and clovers spreading throughout the white and sterile headquarters of the cult was both beautiful and demonstrative of the kind of ‘natural’ power she possesses. The way the tendrils also birthed this aesthetic was very cool and creative.

The experimental technology in the flashback dubbed Elpis was an interesting nod to the Greek mythology interest of the cult – referencing personification of Hope. It was interesting to see the gateway of Pure Play make a return and how it influenced Salt’s father and broke his mind. This deeper level of Pure Illusion is quite ominous in how its connected to people and the real world. The way Mimi speaks to her second self leads me to believe this more aggressive, possessive Mimi may have something to do with this aspect of Pure Illusion but it’s hard to say.

I’ve been pretty happy with how Flip Flappers has been fleshing out its actual narrative and it’s shown that its just as capable of telling a coherent story as it is being interpretative and visually fascinating. Though its very short-form, we get a keen sense of what motivates each of the characters. The madness that drives Salt’s father and the cult of Asclepius, the reasons why Salt acts the way he does, and how complicated Papika’s relationship is with Mimi and Cocona. I’m interested to see what the show can do with its remaining two episodes and above all else, I hope Flip Flappers stays strange which I think is going to be an easy expectation to meet.

4 thoughts on “Episodic Thoughts: Flip Flappers – Episode 11 (Spoilers!)

  1. I was really debating whether or not to drop Flip Flappers with my initial impressions of the first episode. I was under the impression that the narrative would continue to spiral out of control, but your review is convincing me that it’s worth a second glance. Nice post.

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    • Thanks for reading. Most of the show is certainly more similar to the first episode than not but a reasonably coherent story makes an appearance after a little while. Probably worth diving back into but if you find yourself desperately wanting for those more intelligible narrative elements, it’s fair to say it’s a bit of a wait.

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