Episodic Thoughts: Flip Flappers – Episode 10 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Flip Flappers episode 10.

It’s been a long time coming, but the big reveal episode is effectively here. All of the ‘amorphous’ or shards of Mimi have been removed from Pure Illusion, the cult has invaded the Flip Flappers headquarters, Cocona suffers betrayal on all sides, and Mimi makes several appearances. What excites me perhaps more than anything is that, this isn’t the end of the show. There are still 3 episodes left and there’s plenty of room to play with as far as what will happen next. I prefer this approach to the series because having everything spelled out at the end wouldn’t feel as satisfying as understanding what has been happening all along and going forward into the unknown with that knowledge. Many of the secrets are out but I look forward to what Flip Flappers has in store when all of its cards are on the table.

While episode 10 of Flip Flappers answered some questions, many yet remain and some new ones even crop up. Who is Mimi? What does she mean to Cocona? Why hasn’t Papika aged, and where does the cult come into all of this? We received our first legitimate insight into what the nature of Cocona’s often visited dream and Mimi’s reveal looked great. I think it’s interesting that her image is born out of the illusion of the Old Woman because, from what we can tell, Mimi herself appeasers deceptively young. I can’t think of a better dreamlike image to portray this complicated subject. Similarly, her reflection at the end of the episode in the shard of broken glass was especially memorable.

Something Flip Flappers has a tendency to do is put a lot of emphasis on the eyes of its characters. I’ll be writing a much lengthier post on the subject later on but the most striking visual change that takes place within Cocona is that her eyes turn the color of Mimi’s as we see her in the flashback. It’s also worth noting that Salt’s eyes, which until now have been shielded behind dark glasses, are the same color as Cocona’s. Between this and the flashback in episode 7, I think it’s fair to say that Flip Flappers is heavily insinuating that Salt is Cocona’s father and as we are told at the close of the episode – Mimi her mother. This was all foreshadowed fairly early on but I have to imagine that Cocona’s relationship with Mimi is far more complex than that of daughter and mother. Her emptiness that is explored in the earlier parts of the show and the shards of Mimi strewn across Pure Illusion seem related to me but to what degree, it’s hard to say.


One thought on “Episodic Thoughts: Flip Flappers – Episode 10 (Spoilers!)

  1. Good catch on Salt’s eyes (and possible parentage).

    Reading a post about the eyes of the characters in Flip Flappers would be great! The eyes in said series certainly show a lot of emotion.

    Thanks for sharing.

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