Episodic Thoughts: Flip Flappers – Episode 8 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Flip Flappers episode 8.

As I suspected last week, episode 8 was a bit of a return to form after the significant insight we gained during the conclusion of episode 7. Though this might be the case, Flip Flappers still seems keen on steadily developing its mysteries and foreshadowing as it always does. This can be seen in the attention paid to Papika’s anklet which she seems unable to remove and the post-episode scene where Papika refers to Cocona as Mimi. We’ve seen that the anklet reacts to the amorphous and a similar reaction can be seen on Cocona’s inner thigh. It likely holds a ‘shard of mimi’ or perhaps some kind of memento from Papika’s past.

I don’t like extrapolating information, especially when it comes to this show, but I’ll voice a quick observation before getting to the point of this episode. In the post-credits scene we see Papika refer to Cocona as Mimi and there are a couple of reasons this might be. One, as I thought last episode, the woman who disappears into a blinding light is named Mimi, significantly related to Pure Illusion, and Cocona’s mother – hence their similar appearance. The alternative interpenetration is that the child she has clutched to her chest is named Mimi. It’s fair speculation to say that the child is Cocona though that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cocona is her actual name. Flip Flappers continuously emphasises her own emptiness and lack of self-image and so I think it would be interesting to attribute this quality of Cocona’s to these shards of Mimi – fragments of herself that make-up for what she lacks. At this point it could be practically anything but I thought it was worth noting this kind of Princess Tutu-esque theory. Food for thought anyway.

As for the episode itself, the whole thing plays out in a fun and dazzling homage to classic mecha among a few other things. We see Yayaka further strained to maintain her relationship with Cocona in juxtaposition to her allegiance to the cult. The old man who built the city closely mirrors Iroha in Cocona’s eyes. His city is a construct birthed from his own passion and genius – an actualization of his internal self-image and to Cocona, this is what Iroha’s artwork was. The old man professes that, to go on living without such a thing, would no longer be worth it. Cocona then endeavors to protect the city in the same way that she seeks to protect what Iroha holds most dear. But is this the passion for her artwork or her relationship with her aunt?

This trip into Pure Illusion was an interesting one in that, it could have been influenced by a variety of things. Seemingly, it takes place within the ‘mind’ of Bu-chan however where Dr. Hidaka comes into the picture is uncertain. Is the old man the girls encounter the previous owner of the brain implanted in Bu-chan? Was this person once related to Hidaka? At this point, who can say this little mystery ever returns. One thing seems certain however, that if Bu-chan is a kind of vehicle for somebody else’s consciousness or brain that Hidaka’s ability to repair him will at some point run out.

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