Episodic Thoughts: Flip Flappers – Episode 7 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Flip Flappers episode 7.

This was an interesting episode and though it featured a return to what Flip Flappers might consider ‘normal,’ it still presented a lot worth talking about. I was both gladdened and surprised by the further attention and development paid to Iroha. Most of Flip Flappers’ episodes come off as relatively episodic and I would have expected for the show to have resolved everything last episode. This goes to show that the affect the girls had on Iroha isn’t necessarily all good. That being said, her discarding her artwork as a representation of moving on and coming to terms with her past can easily be characterized as a bad thing, especially in Cocona’s eyes.

We get some scattered insight into what Pure Illusion might be – an alternate reality capable of affecting their own through this deeper level explored last episode. Salt weighs in for the first time and mirrors what he once said in an earlier episode. He believes that Pure Illusion, and all realities, should exist seamlessly alongside their own but that the nature of reality dictates that this cannot be. The idea of friction and that everything is based upon it is a provocative one and likely an important keyword for the show going forward.

To talk about the majority of the episode, we see a tentative rift form between Cocona and Papika after they learn of their ability to influence the world around them. This is illustrated by their lack of hand-holding which was previously used to highlight the strengthening of their bond in the same situation. What follows is a somewhat comedic set of interactions between Cocona and various iterations of Papika. These scenes embody Cocona’s inner struggle – in trying to find Papika, she attempts to find what Papika means to her. I don’t think that each of these Papikas represent anything about Papika herself but rather are a more abstract depiction that help Cocona come to terms with how she views her friend. Here we see the themes of sexual identity and Cocona’s resistance to change reappear once more. It was additionally interesting that, after the are reunited, it is insinuated that Papika went through a similar experience – that they both underwent a journey where they discerned what each of them meant to each other.

The tail end of the episode brings up some new questions but at long last begins to get into the more important story aspects of the show. We get a flashback sequence of a woman named Mimi, a child clutched to her chest, a girl who resembles Papika, and a man shouting after her who is likely Dr. Salt. The cult refers to Cocona and Papika as Children of Amorphous and we know to some loose extent that the gems the girls and Yayaka have been gathering are shards of Mimi. In all likelihood, this greater narrative probably concerns Cocona’s parents and an event that happened in the past that either changed or created Pure Illusion itself. If the man in the flashback is indeed Salt, then it’s clear why he would want to liberate that other dimension and gather the shards though what the cult aims to do and what actually happened however many years ago are still big questions.

While the show has at last begun to provide insight into its overarching story, I don’t think all of the episodes from here on out will concern it so heavily. Flip Flappers has proven its reluctance to reveal information and I don’t think the show will be abandoning its method of exploring its characters and themes so easily. If anything, I would take this concluding scene as hope that there is something bigger waiting ahead and that the show aims to arrive there when the time is right.

One thought on “Episodic Thoughts: Flip Flappers – Episode 7 (Spoilers!)

  1. It was nice to see some tentative steps in the way of revealing something (though it was about as obscure as you can get and still call it a reveal) but it at least indicated the story is going to look at some of the questions we’ve been asking. I kind of felt this episode trudged over a lot of ground we’ve already covered but it was good to see that the characters have started looking at the consequences of Pure Illusion a little bit at least.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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