Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 12 (Spoilers!)


[Description]: My thoughts on Orange episode 12.

Huh, that was a far more level-headed and straightforward episode than I have grown to expect out of Orange. Nobody spent the whole time tripping over their own words or stupidly contradicting themselves and we got some reasonably dramatic insight into the previous timeline through Kakeru’s flashbacks. We finally got to see first hand what a lot of the letter had been talking about and the scene where Kakeru discovered his mother’s unsent text was pretty well done. The music as well was the most on-point it has been for probably the entire show, slowly helping to build the sequence of flashbacks into his eventual suicide at the end. It’s not a mind-blowing presentation but it was refreshing to see the show actually make something of it’s content.

This episode additionally highlighted the theme of communication that’s exhibited through Naho’s group of friends as well as Kakeru and his mother. With nobody telling each other anything and failing to be genuine, these unhappy events that Orange centers around transpire and will continue to do so. It would be a moderately decent theme if it weren’t for the blatant idiocy of some of its characters playing into it as well. It’s one thing to be disingenuous and hide your feelings but it’s another for the characters to act out of line with their characterization and only perpetuate the problem because the story dictates that they should.

Interesting stuff this week. Nothing too weird or outlandi- what was that about a black hole in the Bermuda triangle? This is the kind of thing that you are supposed to leave to whimsy and the viewer’s own imaginative suspense of disbelief. How the letters got there was never important and assuming the show was able to sell you on it’s premise it never needed to talk about the ‘why’ or ‘how’ ever again. Why they brought it up so directly and in such a hilariously silly way I’ll never understand but I guess we know how they communicated through time now. I would have just been just as happy if they had all written letters, torn them to shreds, and tossed them into the wind before ending up in the other timeline. Oh well. It’s all over next week.

2 thoughts on “Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 12 (Spoilers!)

    • Yeah, I remember the time my friends and I took a cruise out to the Bermuda triangle to throw in those letters full of our regrets and specific, detailed instructions to our past lives to give ourselves emotional closure. Real mundane stuff.


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