Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 11 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Orange episode 11.

The two important aspects of this episode that I think are worth talking about are the sideline conversations between Suwa and the rest of the group and of course Naho and Kakeru’s argument near the end of the episode. Suwa’s indecision on whether to support Naho and save Kakeru or salvage his possible relationship with her and come forward with his feelings is probably the only compelling part of the show remaining. Orange has made it clear that we should sympathize with Suwa and that he’s a good guy but the context of the rest of the show hinders his deliberation. It feels bizarre and borderline insincere to watch Suwa converse with his friends as they all collectively push Naho and Kakeru together and then berate him for not telling her his feelings and giving their relationship a shot. Instead of having Naho’s friends have to agonize and visibly think about who they think should end up with Naho and how they can make everyone happy, they simply want both options and that’s the end of it. It’s shallow and uninteresting.

Naho’s argument with Kakeru went about well as could have been expected of Orange. Kakeru displayed emotional insecurity and paranoia and instead of comforting him with heartfelt words or understanding him and letting him leave to be with his grandmother or even accompanying him, Naho repeatedly told him to stay with her. Not only does this scene paint Naho as kind of emotionally blind but she doesn’t even have conviction in what she does want to happen. She has his best interests at heart but when it comes to backing up her claim that his grandmother will be fine – a concern born out of fear and delusion, she offers nothing. She’s tactless and dense and makes it extremely hard to root for her in any capacity.

Meanwhile Kakeru displays greater emotional turbulence than ever before which puts him on the road to ruin and further accentuates his complete resilience to his friend’s efforts to make him happy. At times he seems to be genuinely cheerful and occasionally in moments when the letter dictates that he would have otherwise been sad but at the end of the day it feels like he’s putting on the same happy facade he was at the beginning of the show. It’s understandable that he’s in a dark place and can’t think right but after all this time for him to not see what Naho in her idiocy is trying to do for him, he’s not much better.

One thought on “Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 11 (Spoilers!)

  1. These characters are taking dense to a new level. Either that, or the writers really believe that all teenagers are too emotionally involved with themselves to have actual empathy.


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