Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 7 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Orange episode 7.

For an episode immediately following the revelation that Suwa also received a letter from his future self, episode 7 didn’t have all that much in the way of development. The group collaborates as they regularly do in order to celebrate Kakeru’s birthday and make it a happy occasion instead of a missed opportunity and we get very mellow confessions out of Naho and Kakeru. Beyond this we pretty much just revisit a lot of stuff that has already been established – Ueda is having a hard time letting Kakeru go, Suwa feels like he needs to push Naho and Kakeru together, and Kakeru himself continues to feel regret for having not saving his mother.

Between her future self confirming that she never knew who Kakeru liked, the rest of the group stating that they knew all along, and Naho not even realizing the importance of the upcoming 23rd without being prompted by Suwa, the show continues to portray her as weirdly dumb. It irks me but maybe with these confessions out of the way we can finally move past this poor writing. At this point I’m kind of ready for the show to head in a more refreshing direction and with his suicide date looming hopefully we start to develop a story beyond the world of the letter – something that hasn’t happened before.

The scene where Naho returns Kakeru’s feelings and the three main characters try to comfort him and get to the root of his pain was kind of mixed for me. On one hand, it was all very delicate and soothing which works well for how the show typically operates. I can’t help but feel however that Orange needs to eventually develop a more emotional space than what it has so far. It’s somewhat touching and comforting but Kakeru is supposedly pretty emotionally turbulent behind his facade and his friends are dealing with his potential death after all. The show has tastefully avoided pretty much any form of melodrama through its careful approach but I feel like these scenes are far too muted for how emotionally relevant they are to the characters. I’m sure we’ll get there in time but Orange shouldn’t be so afraid of going someplace more raw or visceral. These emotions are important and giving them appropriate attention is something I think the show needs to do in order to grow stronger.

What did you think of the episode?

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