Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 5 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Orange episode 5.

While not much of consequence happened I think this was one of the more enjoyable episodes thus far. Between the dialogue when they were preparing the festival and the various interactions throughout the episode, I think Naho’s group of friends really hit their stride this week. The dynamic between Naho, Kakeru, and Suwa is the most fleshed out but the other characters are starting to seem more distinct and their interactions more natural feeling.

The only qualm I really had with this episode was the kind of forced way in which they brought up the topic of time travel. Their science teacher just offhandedly starts talking about it and the dialogue between him and Hagita felt absolutely bizarre as he laid out many specified concerns that Naho herself was feeling at the time. It felt like very artificial exposition and I’m sure Naho could have come to the conclusion herself that the letter isn’t subject to change and therefor the life of her future self is unchanging as well. The one good thing that came out of this exchange was the conversation with Kakeru where he himself speaks to his own regrets he wishes he could wipe away however this too could have probably been approached in a more organic way.

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