Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 4 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Orange episode 4.

This was a obviously a pretty frustrating episode in regards to Naho but her poor decision making didn’t take away too much from the show for me. Though she struggles to follow through on the wishes of her future self and often seems to end up experiencing what she was supposed to have avoided, she does offer one worthwhile sentiment from amidst her mistakes. It’s easy to look back with regret and say you would have done something differently – it’s another to actually follow through and do so. It’s not a particularly complicated idea or anything but it speaks to her frustration with the letter and her other self and at least presents an interesting and growing relationship between the two. That being said, one could also argue that it isn’t all that hard to read the damn letter in full and follow directions properly, so to each their own.

The ending of the episode felt awkward and I am left with only two ways to interpret Naho’s inner dialogue concerning whether or not her future self knows who Kakeru likes. The most immediate interpretation is that she is dense as all hell and is not only bad at following directions but completely fails to see the relationships right in front of her. The other interpretation is that this line was said somewhat amusingly, Naho having realized that Kakeru likes her and wondering if her future self ever caught onto this. Given Naho’s other faults it seems like the former interpretation is more likely but the latter is certainly more charitable and paints Naho in a far more positive light. I suppose we’ll just have to see come the future episodes.

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