Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 3 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Orange episode 3.

I think this episode was better than the prior two and presented a few engaging moments. The group dynamic is becoming a little more authentic bit by bit and Kakeru’s letter to his future friends was a nice way to emphasize each of their personality traits. One thing I haven’t mentioned that I took particular note of in this episode is how I enjoy the way in which Naho’s group talks over one another in most of their scenes together. It’s a nice little immersive detail and makes the scene feel more alive as Naho and Kakeru share dialogue amidst a second or even third conversation happening right next to them.

The allusion to Kakeru’s accident being intentional or even suicide I think is the first emotional development that has some ground to stand on. His failure to mention himself in his letter and the straightforward address to his friends is a pertinent and careful detail and I think the group’s subsequent grief upon realizing this was well founded. To write something selflessly like that speaks greatly to where Kakeru ‘was’ at the time.

The small notes about how he wished he had joined the soccer club and wished he had the chance to taste Naho’s home cooking give context to some of the directions in Naho’s letter. They aren’t just directions in how to save Kakeru and build a better relationship with him but they exhibit explicitly a few of the desires he cited in his letter. Naho’s letter to herself expresses both her wishes as well as Kakeru’s which was an interesting and heartfelt facet to include. It was contextualized well by the end of the episode.


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