Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 2 (Spoilers!)

[Description]: My thoughts on Orange episode 2.

The second episode had a bit more substance to it between Naho and Kakeru’s meandering conversation about their interests and the news that his mother passed away. Naho’s group of friends are sweet and openly display good chemistry with one another yet it still comes off as kind of a shallow portrayal of their friendship. They joke around and share boisterous dialogue with one another but currently, as we know very little about them, they seemingly exist purely for the sake of getting along with one another and presenting a pleasant atmosphere. This will likely go away over the next several episodes as we learn more about the characters individually. Ultimately the show’s interest may lie more singularly with Naho and Kakeru but growing her friends beyond merely their amicable dialogue would strengthen the show regardless.

By the end of the episode we establish a clear-cut goal and the purpose of Naho’s letter – to save Kakeru from a fatal accident that her future self and her friends think was preventable and regret deeply. This episode made me realize a troubling feature of the letter which is its paradoxical purpose. If Naho’s future information is capable of changing the past and her relationship with Kakeru or other people then doesn’t that invalidate her information after a certain point? When following her own advice to the degree at which the events that transpire no longer mirror what happened in Naho’s past, the letter’s information is no longer relevant and thus is incapable of effectively shaping the future in the way that Naho’s future self desires. If Naho follows the letter’s advice however and the events that take place are resilient to these changes despite this, then isn’t there no point to the letter in the first place? I’m curious whether or not this will become an issue.

Naho continues to read the letter slowly for whatever reason. Despite at last taking up the goal of saving Kakeru near the end of the episode, she reads the letter a few lines every day rather than trying to garner as much information as possible in order to further her new goal.

3 thoughts on “Episodic Thoughts: Orange – Episode 2 (Spoilers!)

    • Yeah, I agree. I think their chemistry improves around episode 5 or so but really they seem more like atmospheric, window-dressing to whatever drama will transpire between Naho, Kakeru, and Suwa. But maybe the show will prove me wrong!

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