Becoming A Better Viewer: The Preface

[Description]: A short series of posts about the relationship between viewer and anime and how to get more insight and enjoyment out of what you watch.

What do I mean by Becoming A Better Viewer? While it is phrased in the style and sentiment of self-improvement, what I hope to capture with this series is a conversation about the relationship between the viewer and the show. How can I amplify my enjoyment of what I’m watching and how can I get more out of it? While I will be primarily talking about and referencing anime, these ideas and strategies apply to any artistic medium. Let me be clear, this series will not tell you how to watch or enjoy something – it aims to challenge and reinforce certain viewer habits and ideologies in pursuit of improving your experience.

What’s important to remember above all else is that enjoyment is king. You shouldn’t alter your viewing habits in such a way that compromises the show’s entertainment for you but don’t be afraid to try new things either. Many people in some form or another already do a lot of what I’m going to talk about and I’m excited to hear other people weigh in with their habits and experiences.

You can read the first post in this series here: Becoming A Better Viewer: Creating A Space

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