Episodic Thoughts: Arslan Senki (TV) – Episode 25

My thoughts on the twenty-fifth episode of Arslan Senki.

And with this episode the show comes to a close at least for this season. On one hand I can rest easily in feeling that the show didn’t ever really feel rushed in its pacing – what I had thought would be a hasty battle followed by the subsequent defeat of Hermes turned out to be a fairly organic progression of things towards an open-ended conclusion.

On the other hand, Etoile’s characterization, which has been suspect in the past, showed up pretty horrendously this episode. Her tsundere attitude felt extremely out of place within the cast and it saddens me that someone who could have been a highly legitimate character who could mourn deeply over the loss of her commander and either grow to understand the Parsians or resent them deeper is diminished to the doting, dime-a-dozen, love interest that she has been insinuated to be all along.

With that said I the thing I am most interested in is where the story goes from here as, while Arslan’s journey and eventual arrival at Ecbatana is pretty set in stone, other developments are far more vague and uncertain such as Gieve’s purpose and claim at the close of the final episode. I think a second season would do the show well and if the production value was considerably increased than it could actually be quite a good show however I won’t hold my breath.

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