Episodic Thoughts: Arslan Senki (TV) – Episode 22

My thoughts on the twenty-second episode of Arslan Senki.

A bit of a slow episode though, as we are about to move into the final act of the show, it makes enough sense that we’d spend this time to preface things before moving into a possibly more action-centric string of episodes.

One odd thing from this episode I thought was having Arslan have the realization that training the fresh recruits would be beneficial for the army. While it shows some level of interest between him and his men it also speaks to a woefully under-prepared fighting force as Narsus’ claims that many of the new soldiers are slaves rallying to Arslan’s cause. One would have thought that a training regimen would have been in place far before this point especially given the many new hands and with Arslan and his men having departed from Peshawar it doesn’t make a terrible amount of sense that they would go to war in the state that they are in. Seeing as how the show has had no problem in the past inserting somewhat considerable time skips in order to better progress the story, I feel that one could have been used to good effect here instead of having Arslan immediately head out to meet Lusitania after arriving back from Sindhura.

It was nice to have a short scene at the beginning of the episode between Hermes and Guiscard and one of the more interesting things going forward will be who ends up using whom however for now it seems Hermes is primarily the one with the short end of the stick. On the topic of characters outside of Arslan’s army, it strikes me a little strange that the show would write out Bodin as easily as it has and I think it highly likely that he shows up before long given that he was so demonized in the earlier episodes and continuously given attention even after having absconded. I don’t know what roll he has to play however I think it clear that he will return which is interesting given the small number of episodes remaining.

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