Episodic Thoughts: Arslan Senki (TV) – Episode 15

My thoughts on the fifteenth episode of Arslan Senki.

This week was interesting enough and a good deal transpired though I think the art and character designs have already taken a small hit compared to last week. Before I dive into what caught my interest this week I want to quickly wonder at where all of the content from Ecbatana went because I thought some interesting political work was being done there and the parallelism of the stories brought out a more interesting episodic dynamic within the show – I hope we get some more insight into the goings on at the capital after this week as we haven’t seen hardly anything after Bodin’s withdrawal.

One thing that occurred to me as I watched this week was that I am hopeful for an event in the future where Arslan’s naivete and merciful decisions come back to bite him in some way. We saw a small example of this in his exchange with the newly liberated slaves however what I am more interested in is true consequence in respect to his choices. Thus far he has been allowed to make fairly safe decisions without feeling any repercussion regardless of his merciful and somewhat soft intentions – I think it would push the character and the story a great deal forward for me if this continued behavior ended up causing him grief or harm.

What brings this to mind is the way in which he dealt with Jaswant after his betrayal. It’s perfectly understandable and predictable of Arslan to show him mercy especially when considering their shared lack of a father figure which is currently causing Arslan some unease after learning of it however this also felt like another instance of Arslan’s good heart ruling his decision making rather than any logical principle and Narsus’ subsequent dismissal of any harm Jaswant might bring in the future further cheapened this development – it feels like Arslan is incapable of making meaningful decisions when even those that might not be the best for him or his people fail to carry repercussions and so the reason I am now yearning for some comeuppance in this regard is because it would teach the character a good deal as well as provide excellent plot development.

With all of that being said, I don’t think Jaswant nor Arslan’s handling of him will be the factor that brings about this potential progression as his appearance in the opening somewhat betrays whatever ill intentions he may have towards Pars and the sentimentality of Arslan’s decision in this case I felt didn’t leave much room for retribution.

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