Episodic Thoughts: Unlimited Bladeworks – Episode 13

My thoughts on the thirteenth episode of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) 2nd Season.

There were a couple of neat moments and nods of the head throughout this episode that I thought were fun and added to the conclusive feeling of the episode. I think the most notable parts were those that concerned Shirou and Rin of the future as their character changes were both highly noticable yet true to their original selves. Rin still acted as she always had when confronted with Luvia and their fight was a fun bit of action to throw into the episode for kicks while Shirou seemingly had matured considerably in how he behaved around Rin and still grappled with his beliefs and what he believed to be right.

The farewell to Saber was a nice touch that I had not anticipated as UBW isn’t really her route however the show has surprised me in this aspect multiple times by shedding subtle light on her backstory and so I suppose this ties up things in a similar way. It was also interesting to get a bit more information about the world of Fate by means of the Clock Tower and Shirou’s reflection that the Holy Grail War wasn’t all that significant in comparison to the bigger picture of things I found exciting because for show watchers, that’s all that we have really ever known about the world without reading into other Nasu works.

The post-credits scene aside, I did like the final shot of London as the day faded away and I felt that the quiet visual conclusion went well with the tone of the episode – a drastic change in pace after the epic events of the previous episode. The episode offered plenty of intriguing things like Waver’s cameo and Rin and Shirou’s futures and so while the show may have ended on a slow and subtle note I think there was enough going on during the episode to keep my attention.

Between this and the previous episode the show ended quite well in my opinion and at this point all I can do is hold my breath for the release of Heaven’s Feel. After this more lighthearted story it will be entertaining to dive back into one with a far more darker tone and seeing the route executed as a movie as opposed to a 25 episode show will be interesting as well.

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