Episodic Thoughts: Arslan Senki (TV) – Episode 12

My thoughts on the twelfth episode of Arslan Senki.

While we were still on the road this episode, it looks like Arslan’s group will finally arrive in Peshawar and by this point have all regrouped save Narsus and Alfreed. The first thing I think worth going over from this episode would definitely be the appearance of the masked, magic-user who traveled through the ground like a shadow. This was (in a way) our first look at legitimate magic in the show it’s sudden and explicit execution raises a few questions for me. I’m not surprised that magic is a part of Arslan’s world and we have had other instances where it has been used such as Farangis’s ability to speak with the djinn and the way the fog was summoned up during Arslan’s first battle.

The part that confuses me however is that this hooded figure’s usage of magic was so overt compared to these past instances – we never see anyone call forth the fog and we still have never really seen any proof that Farangis is actually communing with djinn even though she possesses information that she otherwise could not. These instances were left a bit vague and while they hinted at legitimate magic, their depiction remained ambiguous and so this far more extreme and noticeable use of magic came as a surprise for me as it differed so greatly to how we have treated the element of the show thus far. I feel it would have been better to either enjoy this more aggressive depiction of magic from the get-go or have this episode’s ‘reveal’ be a tad more subtle before he begins using it to the same lengths he does during the battle.

Alfreed seems like a good addition to the group although her inclusion came as a bit of surprise, if only because she isn’t part of the opening sequence like everyone else. Whether or not she will stick around beyond a few of the upcoming episodes is a little up in the air however it’s an interesting thought to wonder how large Arslan’s company will grow and how exactly they aim to take back the throne outside of convincing those to join the cause of Arslan. Hopefully next episode, after arriving in Peshawar, will shed some light on their strategy as I can only imagine things will go better there than at Kashan Fortress.

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