Episodic Thoughts: Unlimited Bladeworks – Episode 12

My thoughts on the twelfth episode of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) 2nd Season.

I am absolutely reeling. This week’s episode was perhaps one of the most fun if not one of the best episodes i have ever seen. The show itself builds up a great deal over the course of the prior 23 episodes and so there is a good amount of delivery here in accordance with this however to look at Fate as a whole, between the music, the VN lines, and just the 10/10 execution on everything – the resulting payoff was staggering. I can’t say enough about the music this episode. EMIYA, Sword of Promised Victory, and Sorrow to name a few. The only qualm I could possibly have about this episode was the filters and so I can’t wait until the BD releases to see these amazing scenes fully realized.

After my introduction to Fate my means of DEEN’s adaptation of Fate/stay night, I never thought I would be able to stand Shirou much less enjoy him to the extent I did this episode. From the get go of the series I was surprised by how different he was in this adaptation and he impressed me throughout however he has been nothing short of awesome as of late. The action scenes this episode literally left my mouth hanging open.

To give some further praise to Gilgamesh as a character, I loved how they depicted him this episode. His lost composure, his hesitation before seizing Ea, his praise to Shirou before they are ripped from the reality marble, and his dialogue as he was spirited away by the Grail. A lesser show may have just left the character with his crude motivation to test humanity and see who, if any, rise from the ashes of his destruction however his additional quirks and attitudes make the character for me and I think he was an outstanding antagonist.

I was surprised to see Archer make a return to both save Rin and deliver the finishing blow to Gilgamesh however I don’t feel that his appearance was a divine intervention or anything. I’m not sure as to why or how he showed up though I guess there are two possibilities, one being that he survived Gilgamesh’s attack earlier however I feel he wouldn’t be able to ‘play dead’ to the point of convincing Gilgamesh. The other being that, as a counter guardian, he was summoned at the last moment in order to stop the Grail. I’m not sure which of these answers I prefer more as they both have their pros and cons however they both work well enough for me as to make sense within the story.

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