Episodic Thoughts: Yahari Season 2 – Episode 12

My thoughts on the twelfth episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku.

Not much of note transpired this episode save maybe a few tense moments in during the chocolate instruction and the end of the episode. Between the way they leave things off this episode and the preview for the finale, I have to wonder if the end of the show will aim for much of a resolution or if it will instead rely more heavily on future material. There is of course no way that the entire show could or would be wrapped up next episode and so expecting another installment into the series sometime in the future I think would be correct however the question at hand is whether or not we will reach some sort of pleasurable conclusion if only for the time being. If we do.

This episode reinforces the tension behind Haruno and Yukinoshita’s mother and so the next episode might tackle something regarding them however we also hear Yui’s voice in the preview and her own discomfort is the closing scene of this episode and so at this point the content of the finale could go either way or both in my opinion; I think I have enough faith in Feel at this point for the ending to not feel forced and the events of the episode to not feel rushed in order to tackle multiple problems at once – I think the marathon episode was a one-time instance that was necessary to bring the pacing up to where it needed to be for the events of this episode and the following.

I was a bit surprised to hear Haruno shooting her mouth off about things being ‘genuine’ and poking fun at Hachiman’s group simply because I wasn’t aware that she was clued into this trigger word however either way, she seems to have hit the nail on the head at least in Hachiman’s opinion. I kind of hope that this insight is explained at some point but on the other hand, based on the way in which it cropped up and the limitations of the next episode, I don’t think an explanation will be given which somewhat irks me.

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