Episodic Thoughts: Owari no Seraph – Episode 11

My thoughts on the eleventh episode of Owari no Seraph.

This episode probably had the most interesting of developments thus far given the whole ‘non-human’ part of Yuichi acting up. Whether Guren truly meant that Yuichi’s transformation was his trump card or whether he was just mouthing off and stalling for time was a bit vague however if I had to guess it would be the latter. Never the less, if the transformation is a product of human experimentation than at the very least, the show got a bit more interesting for me even with all of its lackluster qualities and less than mediocre story so far. Based on the internal visuals with Asuramaru I think its safe to say that, whether it is human experimentation or something else, that this metamorphosis is the manifestation of ‘seraph’ within the story and, as we have heard mentioned by vampires previously, seraphs may become a central interest within the plot.

With all of that said, the there were a couple of curious things that the episode brought up for me, the first of which concerning the vampire nobles. It’s been stressed before this episode (primarily in Crowley’s introduction a little while back) that the nobles are ludicrously strong however with scenes like Crowley flicking Shinoa and Ferid fighting 3+ on 1 it really hammered home how outclassed Guren, his companions, and Yuichi’s friends are by comparison. This being the case, it made me wonder then how the humans thought they could hope to mount an effective defense with no direct counter-measure to the nobles – with nothing to match their strength?

This question may have been answered two-fold during the episode however at the moment the entirety of it is shrouded in vagueness. Firstly, if Yuichi’s transformation was brought about through human experimentation, then that would be one measure the humans have in order to counteract the more powerful vampires. We haven’t seen any other examples of this however if some of the discussion this episode turns out to have some validity then people like Yuichi who have been augmented in some way with a ‘non-human’ part may exist to counteract such enemies. The most immediate problem with this interpretation however is not that we have no context for anything and thus cannot make assumptions about Yuichi’s position but rather the appearance of the imperial demon army as well as the Hiragi family. We were aware previously that Guren had a good many superiors and so clearly his forces were not of the highest caliber possible however for some humans to suddenly show up and boast of capturing the nobles alive – enemies who have up until now literally been playing with the present fighters, it begins to beg the question of why soldiers of such formidable power were not at the ready in the first place. There is likely a good deal of explanation on the way and so my poking holes in things is likely premature however regardless of context or explanation the story as of now makes me wonder about these things.

The last point of interest I thought was Mika’s apparent loathing of human beings – or rather, his desire to distance Yuichi from them while not outright hating them. He will jump in the way of Yuichi’s sword in order to stop him from killing Shinoa however prior to the action he was content with killing all of the humans around Yuichi in order to protect him so I think it’s clear that he did not protect Shinoa out of any form of care but rather wanted to spare Yuichi’s the bloodshed. Where this hatred or more specifically, his mistrust, has yet to be elaborated on however I would find it interesting if the human experimentation turned out to be true and if Mika had knowledge of this beforehand and wanted to save Yuichi from such a fate or from further tampering. If not for that reason, than I am interested to see what gave birth to his dislike of the ‘greedy’ humans that surround his friend and at the end of the day I’d probably be happy to settle for just about anything that avoids things like brainwashing which would feel far less genuine than other alternatives.

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