Episodic Thoughts: Unlimited Bladeworks – Episode 10

My thoughts on the tenth episode of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) 2nd Season.

The episode more or less played out in the fashion I think most thought it would and while there weren’t very many moments of consequence this time around, the final two episodes ought to be quite jam packed with excitement and content. To weigh in on the whole Realta Nua versus the orginal version of the Shirou and Rin scene – I’ve never been a fan of the way Ufotable chose to go about it simply because it brings up too many questions concerning magic crests and mana; an implied sex scene would at least stick to the concepts originally established within the Nasuverse while avoiding any kind of crude censorship.

Frankly both choices have their share of flaws in that, originally the scene would have felt like the game coming up with rules in order to have an H-scene whereas the edited version just makes too little sense in certain regards. I don’t think Ufotable’s decision really damages the show any and I thought the memories were well done and especially the music if nothing else.

The only other things of note this episode where Gilgamesh’s summoning of the grail and some closure for Saber. The latter was interesting in that she seems to have resolved a great conflict within herself entirely off-screen in the wake of Shirou’s persistence in pursuing his ideals – essentially the effect of the route being focused elsewhere but Ufotable still wanting to provide several character insights and now a conclusion for her. It was additionally nice that we got to see her reminisce as she wandered around the house and looked in the shed; these minor details helped make her still feel like a relevant character even with her focus greatly diminished in this second season.

One minor quandary I had concerned the final scene from the episode where Gilgamesh begins summoning the Grail. As my memory serves the Grail requires at least the death of 6 servants to materialize because it requires their mana however only 5 at this point have been killed off – Assassin seems to have persisted despite the demise of Caster. So I’m a little confused as to how he has gone about initiating things but my question may be answered come next episode when we are given context surrounding Assassin’s presence.

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