Episodic Thoughts: Kekkai Sensen – Episode 10

My thoughts on the tenth episode of Kekkai Sensen.

What a fun episode. Even this late in the season Kekkai draws up these self-contained, hilarious episodes; my only worry at this point is that perhaps the end won’t be given enough time to play out however I am fairly confident that things will end just fine. The next episode should be a recap (or episode 10.5) and with that on top of the conclusion of this episode I think we can finally be sure that the show will be moving into its final act and addressing the ‘main plot’ more directly. With this likely being the case, I think this episode may have served as somewhat of a sendoff to this part of the show – Not that the coming episodes won’t also be rife comedy, great character interactions, and artistic vision, but those elements will almost certainly be less prevalent than this episode as and it may even take on a more serious tone as seen in episode 1.

As for the recap episode – It’s a little unfortunate as a weekly viewer to leave off with a cliffhanger and have to wait an additional week for things to start up again however at the same time I think the recap provides a unique opportunity. Normally these episodes can be pretty bland and simply be recycled scenes to remind the viewer about what they need to know going forward however, given Kekkai Sensen‘s fantastic directing, music, and characters, I get the feeling that this is a show that could make a recap episode more than watchable provided it gives it the right flare. I think it would be in the style of the show to go about the recap in a bizarre and humorous way rather than a simple blow-by-blow and so instead of dreading whats ahead, I will look forward to it until proven joyfully right or otherwise.

I love the way the episode started and how, later in the episode, the scene was resolved in text-form with the action that transpired and Zapp’s ultimate fate dealt with off-screen. These quirks alongside the ludicrous and amusing procession of things within the episode make Kekkai Sensen what it is and I’m glad that we were able to have an episode such as this even if it means we address the ‘main story’ less because that’s never what the show has been about.

The over-the-top nature of the restaurants and the creative ways of interrupting the trio at each turn were hilarious and Leo’s own reactions were to die for – “Divine Famishment” and his incoherent chants along with the God of Chow were some of the funniest things I’ve seen in the show thus far.

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