Episodic Thoughts: DanMachi – Episode 10

My thoughts on the tenth episode of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.

Damn, really excited for next week already because of all of these new characters and the state of things at the end of the episode (Ryu!). But to focus on this week’s episode for now, I thought things started off quite well and especially liked the banter between Bell and his companions about the Al-mir’raj. While it was funny it also served as insight into their group dynamic which, because of their levity when confronting the enemy, proved to be pretty far along in their familiarity in comfort with each other.

This is further shown by Welf’s suggestion to leave him behind and escape because of his wounded leg – his willingness to stay behind selflessly not only speaks to his good nature as a character but exhibits the care they each have for each other. While I am happy with the chemistry between them, it nags at me that Welf is included in the group to the point that he is because of his introduction only last episode – I feel that it hearkens back to his previously rushed scenes and that they may have spent more time together than we, the viewer, have actually witnessed.

To speak to a minor aesthetic part of the episode, I really liked the salamander cloak character designs and it even saw some ‘use’ in the dungeon so it wasn’t dismissed as purely a visual change. I find it interesting how the relationships differ between God and Familia and I enjoyed both Hermes and Asfi because of their interactions as well as their character designs and voices. Some members of the Takemikazuchi Familia were given some additional focus by the camera such as Mikoto and so I wonder what part they have yet to play in the coming episodes as the show’s foreshadowing in this regard seems more than overt.

The fight scenes both with the denizens of the upper floors as well as the Minotaur were well done and we saw the second usage of Bell’s Argonaut ability which seemed to indicate that it wasn’t tied solely to the amplification of his magic but rather it seems to give him strength when performing heroic deeds – an apt ability for him. I was unsure whether Bell’s deteriorated state was due to the strain of using magic and fighting the Minotaur or if he was experiencing trauma and while it doesn’t matter which it was, I find his reaction to Minotaur interesting.

The fight a few episodes again served as a benchmark comparison between the first episode and itself and it showed how far Bell had come – fighting the same enemy, this time without the aid of Aiz. While he may have some sort of trauma linked to Minotaur because of his experience in the first episode however, unless that is made more overtly clear, I feel we might be tiring out the Minotaur as an enemy as the previous uses have had strict purposes while this episode only seemed to utilize them as an enemy for Bell to dispatch.

While Hestia has assembled a search party outside of the dungeon, Bell and his company forge onward and deeper towards the 18th floor in search of safe haven however with these two things simultaneously happening, I can only wonder at what will soon come to pass. Given Arde’s talk about the Loki Familia clearing the floor boss earlier but its respawn being soon, I have to imagine that it will be the climactic battle of at least next episode. Whether or not Bell’s group is joined by Hestia’s in time for the floor boss I think it a little up in the air as both are possible given the nature of the event however I think that is definitely the direction we are headed and I can’t wait to see Ryu in action next episode.

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