Episodic Thoughts: Kekkai Sensen – Episode 9

My thoughts on the ninth episode of Kekkai Sensen.

Watching some of the action at the begining of this episode made me realize something that, while I was knowledgeable of it, was not at the forefront of my mind when watching – though the show has action (and good action at that) It’s not really one of the places that I find myself deriving pleasure from (or at least not the same immense pleasure I get from watching the show). I don’t mean to say this in order to discredit the action sequences in any way, they are a perfectly watchable and enjoyable part of the show but seeing this episode’s resolution of the latest blood-breed enemy made me realize that perhaps I miss the slow and random parts of the show more than I thought I did.

With all of that said, I think there is an underlying discomfort behind all of that – as of late I’ve found myself in desperate want of context. I don’t wish that the show would spell everything out and some things need to be revealed over time such as William and Mary’s backstory however because the city and the characters and the plot are all so hectic its hard to fixate my appreciation or more accurately… I feel that I would enjoy things slightly more if I understood the implication of each exchange.

For instance – We spent a good while this episode watching ‘Black’ along with Femt and Aligura as they mused at the happenings around the city and watched for… something that didn’t apparently appear as ‘Black’ wished it had. While it’s clear that the viewer is not supposed to be entirely privy to this information, I feel that, as it is juxtaposed to the blood-breed action from last episode, that our glaring lack of understanding is all the more apparent. It is nonsense within nonsense to us at this point.

Now we could very well get a type of reveal that allows us to reevaluate everything we have seen thus far and make connections with what has happened however, based on the way things have been laid out and how each vague happenstance is introduced, I don’t see this as likely or effective at this point (though the show always surprises me with these things). To summarize my ramblings; I love the show dearly however episodes like this make me profoundly aware of how little I understand of whats going on and it makes me yearn for the simpler more trivial things explored in the other episodes more than I thought it would.

A quick thought about William and Mary or Black and White. I do hope that White refuses at some level to go along with her possessed brother’s plans and that there will be some needed intervention in order to get their evil machinations rolling however that aside, I do think there’s something to be said for William’s actions in the past. It felt like it served as a direct contrast to Leo’s own backstory – two siblings of opposite gender presented with a scenario where one must give up something in order to save the other. Leo’s sister sacrificed her eyes for him and William gave up his body for Marry. Now what the conclusive ramifications of this comparison are is currently a bit lost on me however I think its safe to say that at the very least it is a neat comparison.

And lastly, as a short final reflection – while it was short and sweet, the interaction between Leo and Klaus was nice. It reinforced that he has made a place for himself within both the city and Libra and denotes how far he has come comfort-wise since arriving and I think sets the tone of his letter that he is about to begin writing and the same one we hear in the opening of the first episode. In this way, I would expect things to start rolling quite soon given that there are so few episodes left and because this part of the plot has now resurfaced 9 episodes later.

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