Episodic Thoughts: DanMachi – Episode 9

My thoughts on the ninth episode of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.

As expected after last week’s episode, this one was pretty relaxed – slow even. With it’s focus on the introduction of a character there wasn’t much else content-wise outside of a small bit of insight into just dangerous Ryu can be and Bell’s new Argonaut ability.

To start off with Welf, I like him so far. While there may be more going on with him given his family history and Famila he seems humble and genuine and was presented thus far as such. It’s an interesting tidbit that he is able to make magic weapons however chooses not to but I found his reasoning to be a little lackluster for my tastes. It was a nice change of tone as far as characters are concerned for Welf to be a level-headed guy – amongst all of the craziness of this world we’ve seen so far and the rather eccentric characters, he feels like a nice change-up while still appearing interesting enough.

The only real complaint I have about his introduction was that it felt rushed. Usually there’s some hitch when it comes to these things and avoiding said convention is all well and good but to go from complete ‘stranger’ to buddy-buddy by the end of the episode is asking a bit much. It may have ultimately been better off had he been introduced earlier when Bell bought his light armor and then this episode would have been a reappearance and introduction into the group. Nothing too terrible though and I hope a few more things are fleshed out with Welf in the following episode(s).

As for everything else, I was expecting a bit more insight into how the leveling system actually works as well as the skill system as now would have been a perfect time to elaborate on these things given Bell’s growth however most of it was either left unsaid or made self-indicative – for instance Bell’s stats being rolled back to 0 on his sheet after attaining level 2 (although no big fuss over him having a 4-digit stat?). It was a slow episode anyway so I don’t think the choice to exclude these things was at the expense of pacing. One thing I’ll say is that I’m getting a little tired of the 10th floor’s aesthetic  – It was an interesting place initially because of its whites and kind of misty appearence however after multiple trips there with Bell and Arde it feels pretty gone-over and so I’m happy that the post-credits scene prefaces their journey into a deeper level of the dungeon. However I will admit the dragon was a nice addition to the usual enemies and made the whole venture more tolerable even if it only lasted a matter of seconds in the face of Bell’s enhanced firebolt.

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