Episodic Thoughts: Kekkai Sensen – Episode 8

My thoughts on the eighth episode of Kekkai Sensen.

I have to admit, it’s pretty nice seeing Zapp get some over-the-top comeuppance after how he’s treated Leo throughout the show and especially after the previous episode where he exploited Klaus – and seeing as how we now know that “Z’s Longest Day” refers to Zapp, I have to imagine a bad time yet awaits him in the next episode as well.

I think the scene where Zapp dispatches the Blood Breed at the behest of his master in a cool and seriousfashion in order to talk to Angelica on the phone is a great example of the levity of Kekkai Sensen even in purportedly tense situations. It goes beyond the comedic dynamic of a character suddenly being capable of impossible feats when faced with something trivial like getting with a girl or getting food – Zapp really does have the abilities however the show makes use of them in such a way that the mood becomes lighter and lends itself to comedy (not to mention the stellar direction and animation surrounding all of this to further contrast the seriousness of the actions with the hilarity of the situation).

As a minor thing, I thought Master Jugei’s design was pretty cool but even more so his voice or whatever sounds he made really set him apart from the other characters. It’s not unique to Jugei either in that the show goes out of its way to time and time again create the most bizzare and outlandish otherworldly characters in order to juxtapose the weirdness at work within Hellsalem’s Lot. Jugei I just thought was one of the best executed of these examples.

The end of the episode reveals that the conflict of characters within ‘Black’ is, to at least some degree, possession-based. We got some vague insight into his and White’s past and it looks like we might get the rest of it next episode so I’m interested to see what their deal is. With their past out of the way and most of the vague implications revealed, I’m probably right in thinking we’ll move into the climactic action of the show at least beginning with next episode and getting at what some people might refer to as ‘the meat of the story’.

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