Episodic Thoughts: DanMachi – Episode 8

My thoughts on the eighth episode of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.

Pretty great episode from start to finish and it concludes the Minotaur side-story from the last episode with the exception of Freya herself and whoever it was that put a sword in its hand. Very nice animation all around this episode and I was surprised by how dynamically Bell’s face would change from scene to scene more than most anything else

It’s only a very small part of the episode in the long run but I actually really liked Arde’s pleading with the Loki Familia. We know by know that she sincerely cares for Bell after the events of the earlier episodes however for her to grovel at the feet of Bete and refer to them as “冒険者さま” I felt really spoke to how desperately she wanted to save Bell – going as far as to request the aid of the adventurers she purportedly hates so much (although I’m sure she has become a little less thorny in this regard after the advent of Bell) and beseech them so humbly.

All in all, this episode was a spectacle; I think the action, music, and animation during and surrounding the fight sequence between Bell and the Minotaur exemplify a lot of whats fun about DanMachi outside of the comedic and harem tones. Bell disarming his opponent and then one-handing its weapon to deal the fatal blows was nothing short of badass and then they topped it all off with repeated firebolts into the gashes – all culminating in the Minotaur exploding. That’s a pretty over the top, epic finish if I’ve ever seen one. While it’s not overly important, this felt like a pretty big triumph for Bell – put in the same position as he was at the start of the series with things juxtaposed between Aiz’s presence and an enemy Minotaur. His victory here, beyond just proving his worth as an adventurer and probably leveling him up, seems like he has conquered his past in a way – something they made sure to highlight in Bell’s reaction to the appearance of his enemy; he looked quite traumatized and was frozen in fear.

Next week will very likely see things calm down (how could they not) and go over a few things such as Bell’s stats and Crozzo Welf but this show lives for it’s high points and I think we’ll see things pick up again quickly afterwards.

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