Episodic Thoughts: Owari no Seraph – Episode 7

My thoughts on the seventh episode of Owari no Seraph.

This episode actually got around to doing far more than I thought it would, possibly because by this point Iv’e been conditioned to expect the more shallow episodes progression-wise. We got our first adventure beyond the wall, our first ‘real’ battle between the group and vampires as well as the Horseman, and we even fit in Mitsuba’s back-story (to some extent) which I thought for sure was going to be the backdrop to an upcoming episode.

Comparatively, the art this episode was consistently acceptable and it’s possible that now that we’ve moved on to what is potentially the ‘more important’ parts of the story that involve action scenes that we will see an improvement. I could have lived without the standard issue twin-tails, loli, tsundere paste-in character however I won’t dismiss her as a character just yet because plenty of interesting things can come from template-esc characters given good writing or behaviors. I did feel her past was a little typical however but maybe it’s because of the relatively small amount of insight this episode provided and we will learn a bit more about the context of her actions later (I am kind of doubtful though).

While the squad did vanquish the Horseman, the fighting between them and the vampires was a little on the light side however I think this may be rectified next episode as they are heading directly into their ‘nest’ of sorts. I suppose I was expecting Yuuichi’s first usage of his demonic pact to be more effective than it was – only used to disperse them one or two times rather than causing direct damage or felling one. This either speaks to the power of even the more lowly vampires or perhaps to Yuuichi’s own current ineptitude when it comes to his abilities as this is the first time we have ever seen him use them and probably the first time he ever has.

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