Episodic Thoughts: Kekkai Sensen – Episode 7

My thoughts on the seventh episode of Kekkai Sensen.

Did Leo just go an entire episode without getting captured or sent to the hospital? Not too much to say about this episode as it was fairly straightforward however judging by the post-credits preview things look to be heating up soon given the fact that the next episode is ‘Part 1’ of a sequence of episodes.

Because we are now past the half-way point I’m thinking that, while the show has felt perfectly comfortable in its current routine, we might be getting down to things as far as an overarching plot is concerned. We had a little bit of insight in episode four when we investigated the the ‘Eternal Nothingness’ and the Elder 13 however those things have not yet been given context within the show and I can only assume will ultimately mean something as we get into things. I have to imagine that the show will end up where we previously started in media res in episode one by around episode ten or eleven but its hard to call this far out.

It’s hard to tell what the deal is with ‘Black’ right now as, while it has been confirmed that he is on of the Elder 13 among other things, we don’t know hardly anything about him or his connection to White. Is this a case of possession? Does ‘Black’ have multiple personalities (I think not given his smooth transition at the end of this episode)? I think these are some questions that will be answered before too long as, potentially speaking, he could turn out to be the big, bad, antagonist. I felt like this episode started raising some questions as well as bringing up old ones (what’s the deal with White?) while providing the main entertainment of Klaus’ fights to keep things interesting.

For some reason, and this is mostly baseless speculation by this point, I get the feeling that Leo and White are both somehow integral components in whatever plan the Elder 13 have for Hellsalem’s Lot. When ‘Black’ first encountered Leo in episode one the episode closed on the lines ‘I found him’ and in the case of White – her mysterious past and her relationship with ‘Black’ just make me think that she is ‘needed’ in some way.

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