Episodic Thoughts: Yahari Season 2 – Episode 7

My thoughts on the seventh episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku.

After last episode I can only be thankful that we were treated only sparingly to another round of the committee discussions.

The playful banter at the beginning of the episode helped reiterate that things have returned to a comfortable normal between Hachiman and Komachi and gave us something somewhat happy and playful to look at before diving into the introspective deliberation that is Hachiman’s ‘free-time’.

Outside of the final scene there was next to know notable progress forward as far as events within the show are concerned however Yahari has never really been that kind of show anyway so I think that anyone along for the ride would appreciate an episode more or less devoted to Hachiman’s own reflections which I think were a far more import than anything else this episode. Its almost egocentric-feeling the way he places his own beliefs or prior beliefs at the center of everyone’s misfortune or current attitude – it is not truly self-centered however we are viewing all of these things through Hachiman’s lens and so there is some level of near-narcissism to his own projected involvement in things.

I think the scene of note this episode was at the end when Hachiman and Yukinoshita which was further made obvious by the accompaniment of a slower, piano arrangement of the opening theme. We hear him discuss earlier that while he has crafted and adhered to what he believes to be his ideal persona – that not only is he shaken in his confidence of that ideal self but he mentions his beliefs in a past-tense manner implying that he no longer believes what he once did. To go along with this, Yukinoshita suggests that he take a break from the club as he is swamped (rightly so) with the work at hand. This puts him in a troubling spot because he can either acknowledge this offer and distance himself from her and Yui (which is contrary to what he wants – subconsciously or otherwise) or he can choose to continue showing up each day and therein admit his own interest in having them as friends rather than maintaining his classic uninterested position that he has occupied so far.

Because both this episode and the prior have felt a little slow-paced as far as progression outside of characterization goes – I would expect that most of what we are seeing is setup that we will see the fruits of sooner than later.

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