Episodic Thoughts: DanMachi – Episode 7

My thoughts on the seventh episode of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.

God dammit the ears are back.

First and foremost I want to start off with Aiz as the episode more or less serves as a more explorative introduction to the character than anything we have had so far. While it’s been pretty obvious thus far in the few scenes we have had with Aiz that she is a bit of an oddball herself, I just want to reiterate that I’m glad she is not just the trope-filled elegant princess of the blade with a cold disposition. Hardly any of those things begin to describe Aiz and I think that going further beyond that, in having her actually be rather air-headed and dopey, that her characterization feels more natural in juxtaposition to the other characters we have been introduced to. She feels right at home within the cast and I enjoy her personality as it feels refreshing in comparison to what she could have been in addition to just liking her quirks in general.

Initially I thought that the training sequence between Aiz and Bell were just for the purpose of getting to know Aiz better and begin building a relationship between them however this episode very quickly made practical use of that first scene in having Bell immediately adopt martial-arts to a degree when he next entered the dungeon. I think this was a good choice in the pacing department as it gave us an action outlet this episode beyond the short insights into the minotaur. On the topic of those brief scenes, I like the idea of an adventurer leveling up and enraging a monster within the dungeon – its not something I’ve seen done hardly at all and the concept appeals to me whether or not its to some sideplot’s ends or if this whole thing is connected to Freya as possibly prefaced at the beginning of the episode.

I liked the episode a good deal as I have the others but one thing stood out to me that I felt was quite odd. The scene between the sleeping Aiz and Bell after their training on the battlements where Bell is suddenly besieged by the manifestation of his desires(?) in the guise of his perverted grandfather’s spirit (?) I felt was pretty off-tone for the show and not something I would believe of Bell. Firstly, he is timid when it comes to Aiz and while that trait might diminish some throughout the episode via him actually getting to know her – to have him tempted so feels contrary to the attitude he was exhibiting at the time. This is all not to mention his actual integrity of character – I find it highly unlikely that Bell would ever be as intrusively bold or as vulgar as to kiss Aiz while she was asleep. He has his own fair share of problems when it comes to his sometimes foolish mentality however he is very clearly an upstanding and kind person and I felt this scene tried to betray that needlessly.

Lastly and to speak briefly about Arde’s interaction with Hestia at the beginning of the episode – I liked that in her promise to Hestia, Arde noted that she would never again do such a thing to Bell or her or herself. While the last point is not explored I think it quite noticeably references Arde’s somewhat detrimental mindset from the last episode and speaks to some improvement on that front. She feels guilt for what she has done however perhaps her own self-image can be salvaged in this way.

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