Episodic Thoughts: Owari no Seraph – Episode 6

My thoughts on the sixth episode of Owari no Seraph.

Outside of the escaped vampire fight and the massacre in the first episode, we got our first taste of combat that lasted for more than a few minutes and it actually had interesting enough choreography and pacing. I liked the part where Yu and Kimizuki launched varied aerial assaults on the possessed Yoichi – While not the most practical of tactics to employ repeatedly, it gave a good sense of onslaught to their method – replacing each other in the air each time the other was struck down.

The animation was a bit more up to snuff this episode as well but I still don’t feel like praising it for much except for perhaps its backgrounds which have been pretty interesting since the beginning.

I’m a little irked that we go into the episode with the attitude that if one of the students is possessed its the end for them however we overturn the validity of this notion within one episode. There are plenty of instances where rules can be broken and provide interesting exceptions that either emphasize the absurdity of a character’s traits or give insight into the system itself however this felt like a pretty cheap stab at this. I find it hard to pin Guren down as his indifferent tone feels contrary to what Shinoa insinuates about him in the episode – that he does in fact care at some level. If Guren does have some tenderness to his character then it would mean that his suggestion for Yu and Kimizuki to kill Yoichi  was driven Guren’s own approach to the situation.

After issuing the kill command he starts shouting at the possessed Yoichi to stop messing around and beat back the demon however I don’t know why he would bother to have the two other students kill him in the first place if Yoichi had such a likelihood of coming back. All in all, I find Guren to be highly unpleasant and not in the way the show clearly wants me to feel about him – hopefully he shapes up a bit when things actually get serious and he drops the prospective facade in the face of actual danger.

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