Episodic Thoughts: Arslan Senki (TV) – Episode 6

My thoughts on the sixth episode of Arslan Senki.

Another good episode even though we don’t seem to move far beyond the events of episode 5 – It looks like with Arslan departing with his company from the cave and Ecbatana in flames that we will now resume with the ‘primary’ cast of the show.

I thought it an interesting point that in the beginning of the episode that, instead of calming Arslan with the notion that the slave uprising is only one of a few possible events that could arise from the siege, he takes the opportunity to instead speak to Andragoras’ shortcomings and failure to release the slaves earlier. I felt this was a little petty coming from him however I admit that it gives further insight into just how much Narsus detests that aspect of Andragoras and how much he believes that the slaves should be freed.

On the topic of the uprising, both Arslan and Narsus seem to treat it as an absolute event that is happening in Ecbatana however, as they have no means of gathering new information after Arslan’s depature from the battlefield, this seems like an odd assumption to make. Even if the slaves have a high likelihood of taking up arms against their masters (and we the viewers know that they do so) Narsus seems to act as if it has already happened, even citing the Lusitanian’s bolstered numbers as a reason to avoid fighting directly when he responded to Daryun.

There were a couple of really cool moments animation-wise this episode such as the white, flashing blades of Gieve and Silvermask in the dark and the first shot of the Lusitanian’s flaming arrows – like embers in the dark of the night before the shot changes perspectives to the walls of Ecbatana. The only thing that felt off to me was the incredibly severe angle used to pan over the Lusitanian foot soldiers as Sām and company watched from the walls.

Gieve seems like a fun character and his fight with Silvermask and afterwards his henchman was a pretty cool scene (although the starkness of the shadows seemed like an interesting choice but one I somewhat support as it places the viewer in a similar situation to those on the screen). I look forward to what he does in relation to Arslan’s group in the coming episodes. And as a final note – I was actually somewhat surprised by Tahamenay this episode. I thought her to be far colder than her reaction to the news of the beheaded commanders showed her to be. I suppose it was the casting of Tanaka Atsuko in combination with her only interaction with Andragoras that set me up to think this way and my interest in the character has now been peeked if the reaction she exhibited was genuine.

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