Episodic Thoughts: Unlimited Bladeworks – Episode 6

My thoughts on the sixth episode of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) 2nd Season.

While every episode of this series is absolutely stunning in the visuals department… I thought this episode was especially gorgeous – probably because of the reality marble setting more than anything else but damn did they pull it off well.

I thought Shirou actually acted a tad strangely this episode. He has always been pretty determined and never really backed down from a confrontation however he came off as particularly headstrong this episode, charging at Archer in Unlimited Bladeworks and even threatening to kill him if any harm came to Rin. It could very well just be his performance this episode in juxtaposition to his kind of bumbling around with Souichirou previously although I think its fair to say that he might have gotten a bit more serious after Illya’s death at the castle.

I was surprised by Rin’s bonding of Saber in the first half of the episode – as I am only familiar with the previous adaptation of the Fate route by Deen, I was taken aback at the thought of Saber being bound to anyone else (sans her master in Fate/Zero). As this event caught me off guard, I’m especially interested to see where things go from here because Saber clearly exhibits loyalty to Shirou however now feels additionally obligated to protect RIn.

I find it interesting how the show is choosing to skirt around Archer’s identity – throwing it in the viewer’s face at each chance it gets (almost too overtly) however not saying it outright. I think ultimately this is more tactful but at this point we have direct visuals as confirmation so I wonder how much longer it will be before we can see it discussed openly.

As a final note – I thought a couple of the dialogue lines were really great this episode. Gilgamesh’s calling of Archer a ‘faker’ as well as Archer’s words to Saber stating that someone would one day free her but for now his only objective is to kill Shirou. Both those lines among others in the episode I thought were very telling but without being painfully overt in nature.

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