Episodic Thoughts: Kekkai Sensen – Episode 6

My thoughts on the sixth episode of Kekkai Sensen.

This show just floors me every week without fail. This episode was quite different than the last and honestly – different from just about all of the episodes thus far in that it almost entirely lacked comedy (outside of Nej’s two introductions and the Leo’s interaction with White at the end). Having only watched Trigun the other week I was lucky enough to catch White’s “Love and Peace” reference this episode however this makes me wonder if I have already missed some before now – I believe the cat is in the opening so there’s that.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that this was an emotional episode but at the same time I can’t help but feel like I got taken on a trip of sorts. The relationship between Nej and Leo was fun to watch and I think it speaks volumes about the means of presentation and the characters involved when a single episode can both establish the situation and make you feel remorse for what was lost. I think the direction they took concerning the re-introduction of Nej to Leo was the right one as I think we needed some payoff by the end of the episode.

While Nej stated that they had no bones at the beginning of the episode it was still kind of hard to watch the elongated beating scenes just because of the tone. And on the topic of which – the use of music this episode (like all of them so far) was excellent and I think was integral in the fast and believable establishment of Leo and Nej’s relationship.

A small comment about the end of the episode concerning ‘Black’. I thought it was interesting that they somewhat mirrored White’s own introduction from episode 2 – an early queue of the ED theme followed by a declarative statement of ‘I’m White/Black’. I always find there’s something to take away from each episode in a directing sense and I absolutely love that element of the show – It feels like it is delivering a very clear and unique vision of the content which seems great even by itself. The only small qualm I had with this wonderful episode was that Leo immediately jumped to the suspicion that Nej was involved with the mass fainting and memory loss when there was no context for him to have this reaction to the news (other than the district in which it happened which, given the bizarre occupants of the city, should not really be a tip off).

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