Episodic Thoughts: Yahari Season 2 – Episode 6

My thoughts on the sixth episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku.

My immediate reaction to this episode was that it was surprisingly hard to watch – not because it was a bad episode but because the content covered was very overt in its unpleasantness.

We start off with Yukinoshita – now quite obviously affected by the events of the previous episode. Her state of mind is very much a result of the events thus far this season so this is not a drastic development however her facade this episode was downright unsettling. The best insight into this was when Hachiman and Yui enter the club room to greet a stone silent Yukinoshita who doesn’t respond to their words and just smiles. Unfortunately we don’t get much else on this situation but I think this heightened awkwardness or the resolution thereof will become quite central in the coming episodes.

To further speak to the unpleasantness of the episode, the bulk of the screen time concerned the student council meeting and Orimoto’s intermitent exchanges with Hachiman. Whether or not Orimoto’s incessant laughter and attempted banter is genuine or provocative is irrelevant to the ultimate effect her interactions had on the tone of this episode in combination with the other scenes. She seemed more or less unfazed on the surface after Hayama called her out in her previous episode and so i’m interested to see if there’s any more going on with her beyond what we saw again this episode.

Lastly we get to the student council and this is where things got tough to watch. All of the things each member said was so perfectly crafted to both mean nothing and seem as contrived as possible at the same time that the monotony of each of their exchanges as the scenes dragged on and on seemed to double up on itself. The hand gestures pushed everything over the edge and while providing a comedic element to the dialogue (outside of its own crudeness) it continued to stress the point that everything in the episode was difficult to enjoy. Hopefully we get something a little more tolerable next episode now that these characters have been established.

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