Episodic Thoughts: Owari no Seraph – Episode 5

My thoughts on the fifth episode of Owari no Seraph.

This episode set a new low for a series I already had close to no regard for. The animation quality dropped noticeably this episode, mostly in the action scenes where Yuuichi attacked Guren randomly, ran into a wall, or when Kimizuki sat up from his chair in the classroom. Alongside this, the lip syncing felt off in more than a few of the scenes.

Quality aside, the content of the episode felt slow paced but needlessly so. We didn’t learn much about the characters outside of a few bloodline connections mentioned early on in the episode which so far have no real context of meaning. Yuuichi continues to be the most frustratingly stupid character I have seen for a good long while and at this point I’m starting to wonder which one of these dozens of characters are we actually supposed to enjoy?

Shinoa I would say has had the best showing thus far but even she feels weird because of her infallibility and… trollish nature? I’m sure we’ll get insight into her character at some point but for now its hard to take her seriously and we need that kind of character in a show that is attempting to paint the situation as such.

I’m waiting for the series to make a miraculous turn around but with quality drops like this, I’m afraid the night is only getting darker. Sawano help us.

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