Episodic Thoughts: Kekkai Sensen – Episode 5

My thoughts on the fifth episode of Kekkai Sensen.

Every episode of Kekkai Sensen causes me to go into total meltdown mode. The show is such unbridled fun and the chemistry between the characters is so entertaining and enjoyable that I find it hard to even think critically about it.

From the get-go I love that Leo uses his eye ability to mess with Zapp before they are interrupted by Aligura. Not just because Zapp gets some level of comeuppance for how he fools around with Leo but because it felt like such a comfortable response coming from Leo – No longer the timid, out of sorts character from episode 1. He’s not perfectly at home yet and he still winds up captured but I think this interaction between the two characters speaks a lot about how things are developing. Chain also makes a hilarious appearance shortly after this moment and my only comment there is that I wish we could see more of her. The show isn’t designed in such a way that each episode leads to character insight within the Libra group and so there’s no point holding ones breath for ‘Chain’s episode’ or ‘Zapp’s episode’ but if i could ask for one thing on bended knee: More Chain please.

As far as the episode’s plot is concerned, it continues in the style of the previous episodes in that we are introduced to a few new characters and the conflict which unfolds is not centered around any previously established point of interest and so for that reason, someone looking for further insight into the primary ‘plot’ of the show might actually be disappointed with the direction of things this episode. If anything it relies on a similar dynamic to the past episodes, at least insofar as Leo getting captured and Libra taking measures to bring down the threat at hand and rescue him – but if it ain’t broke…

Lastly, we arrive at the end of the episode and Leo takes White out to the movies and here is another wonderful thing I enjoy about the show – It can be so fast-paced in a way that I think is very reminiscent in a lot of ways to Durarara for many people but the show isn’t afraid to slow things down when it needs to. The end of the episode was sweet, it was relaxed, and the ability for that kind of scene to exist comfortably alongside the supernatural chaos that besieges the viewer for the majority of the episode I find extremely appealing.

(Also what was that about hundreds of thousands of casualties?)

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