Episodic Thoughts: Yahari Season 2 – Episode 5

My thoughts on the fifth episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku.

It was nice to see Komachi immediately put on a different face in response to Hachiman’s request for help. She gets the apology she deserves so it isn’t a one-sided reconciliation.

Its scenes like that at the beginning of this episode and the way in which each character conducts themselves that makes this show feel so alive and the characters so complex and believable. It was additionally interesting to see Komachi playfully take up Hachiman’s own problem as her own so that he could better distance himself from it and reassess the situation.

I think the moment to remember from this episode is the scene after Yukinoshita left the club room where Yui moves her chair next to Hachiman to talk with him. Ever since the beginning of the show, the distance between the chairs and the crude layout of the table the main characters sit at has been indicative of the distance between them. Upsetting this dynamic shows progress and while it may very well return to the default setting in the next episode, the scene very purposefully aims to further the closeness between Yui and Hachiman. Her playing with his hair might have been a bit overt in this same way but I think its entirely forgivable.

The social interactions were on point this episode, as they have been so far in this season, and the end of the episode served as a good lead in to the next problem we will confront as it insinuates that by solving the problem at hand, Hachiman has in a way disabled Yukinoshita.

A wonderful line from this episode: “A problem isn’t a problem as long as nobody sees it as one”

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