Episodic Thoughts: DanMachi – Episode 5

My thoughts on the fifth episode of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.

It felt a little odd going into this episode; having a date with Hestia just after the previous episodes ‘date’ with Eina seemed awkward to me. Luckily we quickly moved on with the story rather than dwelling further upon their excursion and therein the scenes lent themselves to a different purpose. Eina’s time with Belle helped shed light on her personality and indirectly allowed Belle to pick up some gear whereas the beginning of this episode felt somewhat like a reward for Hestia’s efforts thus far as well as proving to be a good framework for a few gag interactions with the other goddesses. I liked the beginning because it was short and sweet.

Further insight into Arde was interesting – It seems she has some dept to pay off in some way however I was taken aback by her first scene in the episode when she reiterated her desire to steal the knife. Given her time with Belle in the previous episode I would have expected more of a 180 of character in this regard but it seems like she’s in real trouble in this case. If anything this desperation further speaks to the direness of her situation – forcing her into a position where she clearly does not want to take advantage of Belle but must do so in order to keep herself afloat. I think it’s fair to say we’ll get the rest of her story next episode.

Lastly, I thought the Grimoire scene was fantastic. The settings were abstract, the dialogue was cryptic, and it left us with a pleasing bit of development (Both internally and also… he can shoot firebolts). I’m quite happy with the direction they took this scene though – it’s our first insight into magic and presenting the sequences as they were made it feel very mystical and strange; exactly the kind of tone I want to enjoy alongside something like a grimoire.

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